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Beyondgreen Solar Solution

Solar energy: a phenomenon in which energy is created with the help of solar power, i.e., the sun. It is one of the most exciting topics to discuss. Especially when you are a resident of a country having an energy crisis. So as Pakistanis, where electricity is one of the significant concerns and the prices of energy resources are on a constant hike, solar energy can serve as a solution. So if you are someone residing in Pakistan and facing these problems due to electricity shortage, Beyondgreen Solar Solutions is the answer to all your problems.



Beyondgreen Solar Solutions is one of the largest energy providers in Pakistan. What we do is quite simple to understand; we fulfill your buckets emptied due to the energy crisis by providing solar energy solutions. We install renewable solar energy resources at your homes and workplaces. This solution relieves you from the conventional form of energy, which is expensive. We initiated our renewable energy division in Brisbane in 2011. After success overseas, we dilated our business to Pakistan in 2015, realizing the need for solar energy in the country.


Beyondgreen Solar Solutions believes in high integrity and transparency. We aim to reduce Pakistan’s dependency on conventional electricity and make the people of Pakistan capable of making their electricity. This way, Pakistanis can get free electricity. Moreover, they will be relieved of expensive monthly bills, which are highly difficult to pay in a country where the majority is a working-class population.

Furthermore, Beyondgreen Solar Solutions believes in innovating and optimizing itself according to the needs of our clients and customers. We readily cater to the needs of our consumers in all possible ways. To illustrate,  our vision is to make electricity free for all the consumers in Pakistan.



Our core values are designed to be the best in this field. Ethics and integrity are not compromised in any process. Sincerely, we make sure that our services are carried out professionally to meet the consumer’s expectations and maintain brand loyalty. Our staff and working force are highly diligent and professional, having proper know-how of their respected duties.


Moreover, Beyondgreen Solar Solutions advocates respectful relationships between customers and employees. Customers are the reason we run this business, and their satisfaction is for what we struggle and strive for. We are here for a purpose that will make Pakistan a better place to live. Ultimately, our main objective is to make your life easier and full of pleasant moments.


As we enter into the 7th year of our worthy struggle and accomplishments, Beyondgreen Solar Solutions stands on four sectors, designed for different processes and providing various products. Our BG Engineering sector offers engineering services, including specialization in CNC Laser Cutting.

Moreover, our BG Fabrication is designated to give metal and steel structures used to make solar frames in solar panels. The BG Pak Fan is dedicated to providing different solar fans included in our product portfolio. Furthermore, BG Battery provides various modules of battery that differ in specifications.


For more information, you can visit our Head Office in Karachi or our corporate offices in Karachi and Lahore. Moreover, you can also get in touch with us through the following channels:
UAN No – 03000 34 19 34
Landline – 021-32770555
Mobile – 0336-2770555

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