How Solar Power Can Solve Your Load Shedding Issue?

Solar power

Unfortunately, Pakistan is still one of those countries where electrical load-shedding is a big issue. Not only small towns or villages, but big metropolitan cities also suffer from this electricity shortfall phenomenon. The population of Pakistan is on a constant rise, and the electricity production in return is not enough to meet the ever-increasing demands. Moreover, the electricity system installed by K-Electric and other organizations is in the worst state. Now and then, we hear of a power failure or feeder trips that result in the shutdown of electricity in several areas. Solar power negates all the problems caused by these shutdowns. The adoption of solar power makes sure that you can enjoy uninterrupted periods of sleep during warm summer nights.


Imagine if you get to make your electricity. You don’t have to pay any bills; instead, you might get paid for your production. There is a way to do that. Solar power allows you to make your electricity. You are no longer dependent on K-Electric and their unannounced load shedding. By installing solar power panels on your rooftop, you can access uninterrupted electricity without being dependent on the conventional form of energy. Your source is the sun, and it is not going anywhere. Every morning, sunsets out to mark the start of your day. The importance of the sun is not yet realized as a source of energy. Sun can be your best friend, as it can provide you with electricity. So through sun and solar power, you are free from all the problems and headaches created by the electrical load shedding. The electricity produced by the solar panel at your rooftop is for you, and you are entitled to use it. And the best part is, the sun will not charge anything for you!


In Pakistan, the electric poles and electrical wires system is very substandard. Every now and then, short circuits happen due to one reason or other, delaying electricity supply in the whole locality. Moreover, relying on this form is often dangerous. The meter readings are often miscalculated, and consumers receive high bills, resulting in tiring processes to set them right. The use of solar power solves these problems as well. The solar panels offered by Beyondgreen Solar Solutions are under warranty, and the quality is top-notch. All the products are imported from Australia. In case of any malfunction during the warranty period, the company gets it repaired or replaced. Moreover, you can check the performance through a mobile application. So, you can expect no interruptions due to the system failure and will be saved from any form of unannounced load shedding.

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