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Increasing interest and recognition of solar energy as a source of power has concentrated a lot of minds. Solar power comes with numerous utilities. Firstly, solar energy is renewable energy that is free from poisonous gases. It is a form of green energy which is good for our environment.

Adopting solar energy fulfills our responsibility of care towards mother earth. Secondly, solar energy allows you to breathe in the congested air of inflation. It frees you from high electricity bills, reducing them to a significant extent, and ultimately canceling them out. Several companies in Pakistan provide solar solutions as per your need and usage. Beyondgreen Solar Solutions is one of those companies. This piece is all about why Beyondgreen Solar Solutions can be your ultimate solar solution.


Beyondgreen Solar Solutions has been there in the scene since 2011. It was first initiated in 2011 in Brisbane, Australia. The business was dilated into Pakistan in 2015, observing the potential market in this region. The product quality used by Beyondgreen Solar Solutions is high-tier, boomerang listed, and imported from Australia.


Our team is highly skilled and professional, having substantial experience in the field. We make sure that the buyer is satisfied with our services. Our skilled engineers visit your houses and workplaces upon calling and analyzing correctly. After that, they recommend you the solar system (KiloWatt) required for your place by determining your average usage. Moreover, our team makes sure that your excessive units are sold to electricity providers, and you receive their price. Furthermore, our products are warranty-based with a possibility of extension as well.

In case of any malfunction during the warranty period, we get it replaced or repaired free of cost. Suppose you live in an area where sunlight does not reach your roof due to a lot of infrastructure around, no problem. We will build you a shed to elevate your system!


Beyondgreen Solar Solutions has several valuable customers. Speaking of value, we have completed over a hundred projects to date, and our customer satisfaction percentage is 100.00%. We have rendered our solar solutions for many notable clients in the commercial sector.

To illustrate, we installed a 50 kW system in 2019 at one of the most famous restaurants in Karachi, the Lal Qila restaurant. The system helped them reduce their operational costs and provided a unique architectural look, making it a sight to watch.


Our biggest ever project of an MW is installed at the Danish School. Other notable clients include Ahmed Foods (480 kW), Towellers (565 kW), Turn Style (350 kW), Alamgir Welfare Trust (250 kW), KT Industries (330 kW), Shamsi Hospital (225 kW), Osaka Factory (180 kW) and Axact (50 kW). Beyondgreen Solar Solutions is a credible name in the market due to our partners who have always stood by us. Our valuable partners are some of the greatest names in their respective industries, Longi, Huawei, Growatt, Nmc group, and others.

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